Are you okay? Let the airlines lose your baggage!

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Last week I was going through some deep, dark, and rough emotional thoughts. A lot has been going on in my personal life, and in my families life. It all adds up and eventually starts to burn you out.

I met up with a great friend for dinner one night and we hadn’t had the chance to meet up and talk with each other in a very long time! We got to take the time to catch up with each other, see how each other was doing. In a lot of ways we took our friendship to the next level. We both opened up and were honest with each other about things that had been going on in our lives that normally you don’t just share with people.

“Are You Okay?”

For months now since coming out of the hospital after being in a two week coma, I have had a question that the Holy Spirit seems to be asking me non-stop at times. “Are you okay?” My immediate natural response has been, “No!”.

The next question that comes to me is “Why?” I never had an answer to this question. I never could figure out why I was not okay. Going back to dinner, my friend told me about how they discovered they had been holding onto a lot of baggage in their life. They told me how once they discovered this they started having to work on dealing with this baggage, to be able to cut off the chains and let go of it. As they told me about this I heard from the Holy Spirit, “This is why you are not okay.”

Releasing your Baggage

When this was revealed to me, I knew what I needed to do. I need to identify, and deal with this baggage I have been facing. When I got home I pulled out a journal that I’ve had for years, that I am far from finished writing in. I began to meditate on, and asking myself, “What am I holding on to?” and “What can I address to let go of?” as well as “What can I step away from to be less involved in?” I have already written a significantly long list of baggage I’ve been carrying, and I believe there may still be more. It is a starting point for me though. I’ve already released one of those pieces of baggage already actually! I still have a lot more to address! Addressing this one piece of baggage has already helped me feel so much more at peace, and less stressed over it.


Some baggage is not meant to come home with us as we go through life. In fact more often then not we shouldn’t be carrying any baggage because it is old and stinky and needs to go in the laundry and be washed away.




Producer | Digital Brand Director | Child of God | Spirit Filled

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Travis Kunze

Travis Kunze

Producer | Digital Brand Director | Child of God | Spirit Filled

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