Don’t be in a rush, take it one step at a time

If there is one lesson in life that I wish I had listened to earlier in life it was to not be in a rush. I rushed through so much of my life thinking I could succeed and see more if I rushed through everything.

The truth is that while it is important to work hard and to work at a steady pace, it is also important to work smart, and value who you are, the time you spend, and the effort you put forth.

If you overwork yourself in a rush you can end up severely hurting yourself. Not getting the rest your body needs, not eating healthy, or getting the physical exercise you need all affect you emotionally, and physically. You can become burned out to the point you make bad decisions because you can not think clearly, or you become impatient and just want things to be done.

Going Through Burnout

I became burned out at a young age, I would say roughly 14 years old at the latest. Maybe even earlier than that. How does someone that young become burned out? Well I had a lot of ambition at a young age. At 12 years old I had already started my first business in Web Design and Programming and doing newspaper delivery. By 14 I was working full-time at a local pizza place, while still being fully educated via homeschooling. By 16 I had changed jobs, was in high-school and had the desire to be my own boss someday.

By the time I graduated highschool I thought I had met the girl I would marry, I worked full-time at a restaurant and liked to go out with friends all the time, while still trying to be in a rush to go solo in life. By 21 I had already moved out in a run away from home style, had a cringy relationship with all of my family, dropped out of college and had no idea what I was doing with my life anymore.

Fast forward to 23–24 I was graduating from my second college degree only to find out I could never go into that career because of a severe brain condition I was diagnosed with that was slowly killing me. There is a chance that this brain condition I was born with but because of poor decisions I made on my health like being in a rush by never sleeping more than 2–3 hours at a time, eating nothing but fast food, and macaroni and cheese, and other poor decisions I accelerated the growth of to a point where I was having several seizures a day.

The Trail

I eventually ended up moving back home and living with my parents again. I hit a point in my health where it was like I was an infant child again and could barely take care of myself anymore. During all of this I made other stupid decisions because I still wanted to be in a rush. I still wanted to accomplish things that required work, and I wanted to accomplish them now without putting in all the work.

I could have been arrested and faced charges of theft. I could have been kicked out by my parents even as I regained my health. I still had not the greatest relationship with my family because I was still making stupid decisions and I needed to wake up to reality.

Fast forward to 2018 I finally started to wake up to the reality that being in a rush was causing more harm than good. As my health finally began to stabilize I took a very fast paced job that required a lot of traveling around the United States. It was a 6 months contract, and I loved a lot of it minus having to drive from Green Bay, WI to Chicago IL every weekend for flying in and out for the job.

During this time I started to plan ahead, and see what my future could hold. I started planning and I didn’t do it alone, I seeked counsel and insight. I got this not only from my parents, but from a couple who actually did counseling on my life. I had to be very open and honest to them about the decisions that I made, and the stupidity that I faced. They were amazing and helped me to really refocus my life.

Current Standings

Fast forward to today, August of 2020. The world is in a chaotic mess. My life however is the most stable it has been in a long time. I live in an apartment on my own, one of my best friends lives in another apartment in the same building and we do our best to hold each other accountable. I have probably the best relationship I’ve ever had with my parents, though it still has a long way that it could go to get even better. I was blessed with a great full-time job for a local TV station that gives me the flexibility to regrow and succeed in my own business.

I am starting to see the roots of my business grow, and believe that if I can continue to grow it at this pace I could be full-time in my own business by the end of 2021 at the latest. I found all of this success because I finally stopped being in a rush. I have taken each day, one day at a time, I look at where I am today, and where I want to be tomorrow on a regular basis. I have several brands that I am developing, even as my business grows. I am writing 3–4 articles a week, making new connections on a regular basis.

I am for the most part very happy. Yes there are things I don’t like. I don’t particularly care for my job, but I’ve also had significantly worse jobs, and so I’ve analyzed what I don’t like about my job and eliminated or lessen the toxicity of to the best of my ability to make my job bearable, knowing that this job is temporary as I work to accomplish the better goals in my life.


All of this being said, when I was in a rush to try and get anything and everything right now, today, this second, I was accomplishing nothing other than harming myself more. As I’ve taken a step back and begun to slowly proceed in life, and really examining my future I’ve found more success than I ever believed I would.

I believe living in a rush is always going to eventually lead to failure. Because when we make last second, snap decisions, we never truly see the full picture as to where those decisions will lead.

Have you taken the time to analyze your life, to see if you are on the right path, a good path for yourself? Are you making quick last second decisions and then facing negative results because of it? How can you improve your life? How can you plan ahead?

It’s all about looking at your future, where you want to be. Create goals for yourself, and then create goals or todo lists to accomplish those main goals. It doesn’t matter what part of life you’re examining, planning for your future is the right path to choose. Whether it is your physical, relational, emotional, professional or spiritual life, only you can improve it.



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