Quitting is an addiction

There is nothing that is easier to do than quitting. Take it from someone who spent most of his younger years quitting whenever something became “hard”. It wasn’t with everything that I quit, but anything that I truly didn’t care about but was necessary in life I was guilty of quitting all the time.

Fast forward to today and you could say the temptation to quit has been high. I’ve faced severe health issues where I could have quit, given up and probably not lived much longer. I’ve only just begun to see the success I’ve been seeking in my Entrepreneur ventures after several years of investing my time, and money into it.

Society has programmed us to not enjoy hard things, to not want to do hard things. We live in a society that wants to always make things as easy as possible which is a big part of why we rely so much on technology today. So much of technology was developed with the idea of making things easier to do. It’s easier to make a smoothie with an electric blender rather than doing the work by hand. It is easier to find information searching for it on the internet than it is to go through the yellow pages and make phone calls to ask questions for the information needed. It is easier to till a garden with a gas guzzling tiller, than it is to do it with a shovel, and rake.

There is nothing wrong with making things easier for your life. Not everything is easy. When you face difficult things whether it is making decisions, or difficult tasks you have to be willing to put forth the effort and hard work to overcome the difficulty.

Sadly quitting has become an addiction. We’ve developed this mindset that if it is hard to do then it is of no value to us. For me one of the most difficult things I’ve faced is the decision to eat healthier, and physically workout so that I can get in better physical shape. While I’ve slowly made a lot of changes to better myself physically, and still have a long way to go before I reach my goal, not even counting the extra difficult aspects with the health conditions I deal with, it has been amazing to see the progress being made. The work has been hard, in some ways so hard that quitting happened a few times before I had to just get back up and start trying again.

Every time I quit it was easy to quit, because it was a lot of work that I was just letting go of. It wasn’t rewarding to quit though, I would just go backwards on the progress I had already made. As I get further along I still face the temptation to just give up, and say who cares. I won’t though because doing the work is going to be more rewarding then just giving up.

What have you quit that you should have kept going on?

Is it of value to you to start again?

Can you overcome the temptation to quit? How so?

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